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John Jamison-2
Hi everyone,

I have a favor to ask of anyone who might have the time and interest...

I am rebuilding our islands to include more of our interactive activities created with our Logic System...and updating things as I go. Right now, I am working on a little quiz-tool called "The Splash Test", and almost have it updated. But it would be a great help if any would be interested in checking it out, and letting me know if you run into any 'bugs' as you do. You know how it goes when you work on something long enough...it all begins to get a bit blurry.

If anyone would be willing to take a few minutes to check it out, I'll place the SLURL at the end of this message.

Right now, The Splash Test is one of just a couple of activities I have in-world as I rebuild...you'll find it in the big Logic System building. You also might see the "Sound Bites" activity in the courtyard...another little quizzer activity...you are welcome to check it out as well if you want too.

These are a couple of examples of the simple types of activities that can be created with the Logic System.  I will soon be adding a couple of much more sophisticated activities with the system, including some multi-level, dialogue-driven activities using non-player-characters and other goodies. I hope to have one of those in-world next week...an activity based around the topic "root cause analysis"...not as boring as it sounds.

Thanks for your time, and I do appreciate any feedback anyone might provide!  The ImagiLearning Islands are open to the public, and you are welcome to stop by and visit anytime. If I am around, I'd be happy to show you a bit more of the activities we are creating there...if you are interested.

Thanks once again!


The Splash Test can be found at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/imagiLEARNING%20West/217/102/22/

It is inside the big building to the North!

John Jamison, PhD.
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