Announcing: An SLEDucation Day July 22, 2017 - Educational Benefit Gala

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Announcing: An SLEDucation Day July 22, 2017 - Educational Benefit Gala

Any Gynoid
Dear Fellow Educators,

I am dedicating my 10th Rez Day to the SL & RL EDUCATIONAL Charity: Feed a Smile.
I plan to dollar match every donation  to Feed a Smile on my rez day.

On Saturday, July 22, 2017, I am sponsoring a show with diverse art forms, an experiential education for all...
sampling the global scope of SL with world music, brand name stars, as well as audience participation.

All events at:

The nearly-final line-up includes:
8am Mandala Bee - Authentic Brazilian Samba singer/guitarist
8:30 Whirli Placebo - very original music educator/composer
9am KevinMThomas - popular acoustic rocker
9:30am Wytchwhisper - beloved torch singer
10:30 LIVE COMEDY (on voice) - Wy Nott (retired educator), Catboy, Thinkerer
11am World Music & African Drums - DJ Otawan Fouquet
2pm Gladiator Band is an audience participation event - free guitars and you play along with the celebratory tune-age
3pm Dimivan Ludwig - very fine guitarist/singer - plays a vintage Alvarez Yairi - the Stradivarius of guitars.
6pm Xara Fiasco - self taught Australian pianist/singer  - transforms every cover song into her own orchestrated composition

Why all this jazz and expense on my 10th Rez Day? I observed fellow SL oldbies observing their long-in-tooth Rez Days with exuberant celebrations. But to what purpose? Indeed, the purpose of SL is fun. But it is my long-held value to Party with a Purpose. Hence, devotion of my special day to Feed a Smile. A Charity I Respect and Cherish. Bada Bing! 

I very much hope to meet you at the celebration!

When educators meet... It is beautiful!
-- Maggie Mae Bhaktiguru (any1 Gynoid) ... [hidden email]

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