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John Jamison-2
Hello everyone,

I'm sending a friendly invitation to anyone who might be interested in getting together and talking about writing...the 'non-academic' kind. For example...over the years I've written a lot of academic things; papers, articles, books, but over the past few months I've begun some new challenges from my personal bucket-list.  I've written a couple of children's books, with one of them now on Kindle, a few short stories, and am now about 1/3 of the way through my first novel...that actually looks like it is going to get completed!

I have really enjoyed the new style, and am learning a lot of the ins and outs of trying to write something that takes even longer than that dissertation several years ago. I'm curious if anyone else is writing outside of academics, and might be interested in just talking, sharing hints and tips, and otherwise just commiserating with others who are doing battle with the English language in this way?

Nothing formal planned, no agenda, no long-term time commitment...some conversation. The only guideline I'm thinking of is the understanding that this is not a 'sales' commercials...just writers talking about writing.

I have no idea what the best days and times might be, so I'm just going to say that I'll be hanging around the old Beach Comber's Bar next Monday, 6/13, around 9:00 AM SLT, if anyone would like to bring your sun screen and stop by. The surf should be running and the coffee shop is just across the road.
If getting together isn't possible, but you would like to share ideas....please drop me a note, either through email or to VB in SL.

Thanks for your time....

And, How many words did you write today?


John Jamison, PhD.
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