Arts & Music Improv Workshop at the Community Virtual Library NOV 2

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Arts & Music Improv Workshop at the Community Virtual Library NOV 2

Valerie Hill-2
The Community Virtual Library invites you to join us for an interesting LIVE improvisational workshop inspired by our Fall Art in Virtual Worlds Exhibit.

12 - 1:15pm SLT

Come have fun with us, as artists improvise from scratch using builds in response to a composer's improvisations, and vice versa.  The artists and musicians riff off of each other's creations as they unfold.

Marly Milena of OCTAGON:Creative Exploration is hosting this public event, and will be using voice.  Our musician, Tip Corbett, will be performing over stream as well as using voice.   Because of this,  we ask that you please arrive a few minutes early to make sure that you are able to hear both voice and stream.  Audience members must keep their mics muted, but are invited to communicate using the local chat bar.

Tip will be improvising to one or more paintings created by Marly.  He will also improvise to an original artist build.  After this, Tip will play an original piece, and one of more artists will build spontaneously based on what they hear.  Each musical selection will be limited to ten minutes.  Near the end of the session, those in the audience are invited to participate in a collaborative build while Tip plays.

ARTISTS/BUILDERS:  Please try and keep your prim count to a reasonable amount, and do not build too high so as not to obstruct the view of others.  You can have a folder of shapes and textures you want to start with, but nothing should be assembled in advance.  Your builds can be abstract and do not need to be overly detailed.

It will be a fun time for all!  Please feel free to invite any of your art and/or music loving friends.  Look forward to seeing you there on November 2!

Thank you to Marly Milena, Francisco Koolhoven, Tip Corbett, and Sparkybear Mandelbrot.

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