CVL tours Metaverse Libraries in Kitely- all are welcome

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CVL tours Metaverse Libraries in Kitely- all are welcome

Valerie Hill-2
Hello SL Educators and friends,

The Community Virtual Library  invites you to a virtual world tour in Kitely at Metaverse Libraries.  Although Second Life remains the main branch for the Community Virtual Library, we are exploring and expanding to other branches.See the link below to get instructions on entering Kitely.


When:  Sunday Oct. 2nd noon Pacific Time


Where:  Kitely Metaverse Libraries


Be sure to join the group "Librarians in Kitely" in order to teleport to our location.  (Type only the word "librarians" as Kitely is confused by the spaces in the group name.)


Valerie Hill, Marie Vans, and Alyse Dunavant-Jones will share virtual world librarianship in the immersive 3D world of Kitely.  All are welcome to attend and are encouraged to enter Kitely and create an avatar prior to October 2nd.  The virtual field trip will share the potential for virtual worlds in librarianship for all types of libraries.  Librarians and eductors, as well as anyone interested in immersive learning, are encouraged to attend.

Warm regards,

Valerie Hill, PhD
President Community Virtual Library

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