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Community Virtual Library upcoming events

Valerie Hill-2
The Community Virtual Library continues to serve as a HUB for information in virtual worlds.  

A goal to develop a database for virtual world landmarks and communities is underway.  Please help by entering information about your favorite virtual world places and communities here:  

Mark your calendars for upcoming dates for events/programs:

ACRL (American Library Association) monthly meetings are held at CVL and anyone is welcome to attend.
ACRL Virtual World Interest Group Session July 16 noon  SLT Speaker: Severus Alexander  TOPIC:  Museums of Archaeology

ACRL Virtual World Interest Group Session August  20 noon SLT Speaker:  Starlight Darkmatter TOPIC: Artificial Intelligence  (revisiting the robot we had in April- with tech glitches resolved)

ACRL Virtual World Interest Group Session September 17 noon SLT Speaker:  Edward Tarber  TOPIC: Back to School in Cybalounge (a follow up tour about web-based virtual worlds)

CVL Book Discussions are on the 4th Friday
Next book FRIDAY by Robert A. Heinlein  (A 1982 Sci-Fi novel with concepts of artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and cloning)
Friday July 28th 6pm 
Community Virtual Library Main Library Building

Networking Dance & Trivia Nights
Trivia Nights are 1st & 3rd Wed 6-7pm SLT
July 19th is the next Trivia Night
Dance & Network with friends/dolleagues on MON & FRI 5-6pm

See you inworld!
Warm regards,

Valerie Hill, PhD / Valibrarian Gregg in SL
President Community Virtual Library
Twitter  @CVL_inSL
Join the SL group "Second Life Library 2.0"

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