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Dickens Project Call for research/resources

Valerie Hill-2

The Dickens Project ~ Community Virtual Library Resource Center
This year, once again in collaboration with Seanchai Library and The Dickens Project, the Community Virtual Library invites you to participate in research focusing on the topic of Charles Dickens and the era of A Christmas Carol.  

Exciting news!
The project will be on site at the Dickens Project on LEA7. Each researcher will be given space at the Dickens project area to set up a poster, a slide viewer, and or images, etc. which will share research/resources to enhance the Dickens Project.
Proposals Due: October 15th  (Set up begins)

Project Timeline:
           November  22, 2017  (Exhibit all set up)
           November  25, 2017 (Exhibit Opens)
           December 17, 2017 NOON tour for ACRL Virtual World Interest Group & the BIG READ.

WHERE:  The Dickens Project 

Consider particular aspects from Dickens' work and represent/link to more information on them. 
Some ideas might include:

●    Child Labor in the Victorian Age
●    The Education System 
●    Fashion in the Victorian Era
●    Food in the Victorian Era
●    Inheritance Laws and Practices
●    Money Lending and the Exchange
●    Courting and Marriage
●    Poverty and the Working Class

Contact Valibrarian Gregg in SL with your topic!  You may work alone or with a partner/team.  Valibrarian will help you with perms to rez your research at the exhibit.  Have fun!

Warm regards,

Valerie Hill / Valibrarian

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