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John Jamison-2
Hello everyone,

For anyone looking for virtual learning spaces for your SL classes and activities, we will soon be making several locations available on our ImagiLearning Islands for educational groups looking for unique spaces to gather for discussion.  As we begin, use of the locations will be "as is", meaning we won't be doing any modifications or incorporating "presentation boards" or optiosn for other rezzed objects. We may add those options later, but not at this point.

These locations are all parts of learning and training activities created and used by ImagiLearning. But since we don't use all of them all of the time, we thought we would offer to make them available for others who might be interested. There is no cost for using these spaces...but if you find them meaningful...donations are always appreciated!

Some of the locations we currently plan to open include:

Some of the Modern City Locations:
A traditional, formal amphitheater.
A cinema.
A legal courtroom.
A stone church sanctuary.
An airport lobby.
Meeting rooms in a fire station and police station.
Hospital ER, Physician's Office and Morgue.
Television studio with multiple sets.
Hibachi Restaurant.
60's Diner.
"Old Time" School Classroom.
Pizza Parlor.
Rustic Beach Bar.
Small Beach Cabins.
Large Beach with surf and sand.
Undersea area for diving.
Small Old Mansion on the Sea.
Deepwater Fishing Trawler, for small groups.
Onboard a jetliner at 30,000ft.

SciFi Locations Aboard the Starship Imagine
Dining Room/Mess.
Flight Deck.
Formal Briefing Room.
Bridge Conference Room.

For that "unique" experience:
A sinking ship.
A burning building.
A haunted psych ward.

Coming Soon: Medieval Village.

We are developing several new spaces of various kinds, and will make many of those available as we are able. To avoid conflicts, spaces will be reserved ahead of time by contacting me.

We hope to begin making spaces available in September, and I will post another message to announce that opening.

For those interested, you are welcome to visit the islands at anytime, and begin exploring the locations that might be meaningful for you. As always, if you do see groups involved in activities when you visit, please respect their space.
One more we develop our ImagiLearning activities, we use several resources to make our activities highly engaging and authentic, including our Logic System, scripted NPC's, and more. Many of our learning activities are fully scripted, experience-based simulations and role-play activities. As we move forward, we plan to make some of those activities available as well for you to explore and use if you wish.

Again, there will be no cost for using these locations as I've described. We will operate with a few basic "guidelines", simply to avoid any conflicts and to make sure that everyone involved has the best time possible. Those guidelines will be published when we open the spaces.

If you do visit the islands and have questions, feel free to contact me through email, or leave a message in-world for Virtual Bacon.

Until September...


John Jamison, PhD.
[hidden email]



Skype: virtualbacon

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"Virtual Bacon"

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