Effective Survey Design for the January 27th Nonprofit Commons Meeting

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Effective Survey Design for the January 27th Nonprofit Commons Meeting

Joyce Bettencourt-2
This Friday, January 27thTechSoup's NonProfit Commons in Second Life will feature Yen Verhoeven (TheoreticallyBlue in Second Life) presenting a brief introduction to survey design and how it may be used to inform programmatic evaluation, research, and marketing strategies. We will go over the survey design process, and talk about best practices as well as things to avoid when writing a survey. Yen will also discuss different ways to pilot and disseminate surveys, increase survey participation, as well as suggest survey and analytical software to address different needs. At the end of the presentation, she will be asking presentation attendants to pilot a survey instrument that she intends to use for her thesis study at the Builder's Brewery in Second Life.

Yen Verhoeven is a Ph.D. candidate in the Warner Graduate School of Education at the University of Rochester, and the program evaluator for the COMETS Scholarship program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. She has 11+ years of teaching experience in Biotechnology and served as the Biotechnology and Pharmacy Technology Department Chair at Fortis College. She managed the Students Tackling Relevant and Authentic Science (STARS) after school program through the University of Rochester, and co-founded the BioTech SYSTEM Northern California consortium through the University of California at Davis. Yen is also a curriculum and program evaluation consultant, and her services are available for those interested in program evaluation and qualitative research design. A list of her publications, workshops, and samples of her work may be found here: https://sites.google.com/site/yenverhoeven/

Nonprofit Commons Weekly Meeting
Friday, January 27th, 8:30 AM PT / SLT
Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater

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The Nonprofit Commons in Second Life is a program sponsored by Caravan Studios - http://caravanstudios.org, a division of TechSoup Global, http://techsoup.org. The mission of the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life is to create a community for nonprofits to explore and learn about virtual worlds, foster connections, and discover the many ways in which nonprofits might utilize the unique environment of Second Life to achieve their missions. 

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