Feature presentation in SL; 3 May; Mark Childs: Identity, literacy, immersion and presence; part 2!

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Feature presentation in SL; 3 May; Mark Childs: Identity, literacy, immersion and presence; part 2!

Sheila Webber
What: Presentation and discussion
- Speaker: Mark Childs (Gann McGann in Second Life)
- Topic: Identity, literacy, immersion and presence; joining together
the building blocks of virtual world learning – part two!
Where: Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable:
When: 12 noon Second Life time on Thursday 3 May; which is 8pm UK
time; 3pm US Eastern time.

Mark Childs (Gann McGann in Second Life) is a researcher and teacher
who has been working in virtual worlds since 2005. His PhD on
Learners' Experiences in Virtual Worlds was completed in 2010. His
most recent work in virtual worlds was in 2015 and was an exploration
of how virtual worlds aren't that different from a whole lot of other
types of spaces that require engagement of belief in order for them to
be effective. This is a summary of that work.
For those who attended his keynote at VWBPE - this will cover some of
the fascinating material he didn't have time for in that talk!

Virtual Worlds Education Round Table, presentation in voice (with text
chat transcription), discussion in text chat. ALL WELCOME!

The session will be chaired by SL: Sheila Yoshikawa (outside SL, Sheila Webber)
VIRTUAL WORLDS EDUCATION ROUNDTABLE meetings start at 12 noon SLT (3pm
ET - 8pm UK time) on Thursdays, every week, on VSTE in Second Life
We meet at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/VSTE%20Island/44/28/22

Sheila Webber, Senior Lecturer & Director of the Centre for Information
Literacy Research, Information School, The University of Sheffield, 211
Portobello Street, Sheffield, S1 4DP. UK
[hidden email]
Phone: +44 114 222 2641
Second Life & Twitter: Sheila Yoshikawa
The Information Literacy Weblog http://information-literacy.blogspot.com/
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