Finally...back to living...and available ED space

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Finally...back to living...and available ED space

John Jamison-2
Hi everyone,

The past few months have been a bit overwhelming dealing with "elderly parent" issues, so things like our SL plans have been delayed. But we are finally regaining control, and I hope to soon get our SL activities running again, including making available four rental spaces for education.

I'm still getting things completed, but at this point each of the rental spaces are beach-side condos, on 3,583m parcels, with at least 820 prims. The ground-level spaces do need to maintain the beachfront appearance to fit in with the other activities on the islands, but the airspace above 1,000m is open to other designs for those wanting that.

You can see the parcels here....

Again, the islands are the home of our other learning and training activities, so we are looking for residents who will cooperate with the entire community to help us maintain an open, friendly and collaborative atmosphere. I will provide full details and resident guidelines very soon. If you want to know more before that happens, feel free to contact me.

The imagiLEARNING Islands have been an active location for education and training in SL since our first island back around 2005. We've gone through a variety of "builds", and the current build is being created to support our new fully immersive activity based upon our TranceFormational Learning(R) approach to designing learning and training activities, to accompany my chapter just published in "Teaching and Learning in Virtual Environments", edited by Patricia Franks, Lori Bell and Rhonda Trueman. More on that later...

I keep hearing these rumors that SL was not successful as a platform for learning. Nah...I don't buy it, and we're not finished yet!


John Jamison, PhD.
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