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Wahl, Lori (lwahl@uidaho.edu)
Hello SLED Members
The Virtual Campus Team at the University of Idaho has a Beta version of a Home Firesafe Simulation called Blaze available for testing.  We would greatly appreciate anyone who has time to try the simulation.  We have several ways of experiencing it from a basic web-interface to a complete download for the Oculus Rift:

After completion of the simulation (about 15-20 minutes), please complete a brief survey here:

The content of this simulation is directed at homeowners and renters located in the United States, but we are interested in receiving feedback from all users regardless of location.

Thank you for participating if you can.  Please send me any feedback that you may have to improve this experience.

Lori Wahl
Apparel, Textiles and Design
Margaret Ritchie School of Family and Consumer Sciences
University of Idaho
office: Niccolls Bldg. 200
mobile: 503.913.3658
SL: Diantha Petrov
Skype: lori_wahl

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