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Invitation to a Christmas Experience

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Invitation to a Christmas Experience

This Tuesday, December 13, at noon SLT, we will be hosting a pre-opening tour of our special Christmas learning activity entitled “Mary Christmas!”.  This live, guided-tour will last for 30-45 minutes, and will use SL Voice. This free SL learning experience will be limited to ten participants.

“Mary Christmas” is a 3D journey designed present a more authentic understanding of the first Christmas, based on the Biblical narrative, first-century history and culture, and archaeological discoveries. The learning experience is designed and led by Virtual Bacon, who in the carbon-based world is represented by John Jamison.

John’s background includes a Masters of Divinity, where he focused on Biblical history and culture, including learning Biblical Hebrew. That academic learning was then expanded upon by John’s spending extended time in Israel, the West Bank and the Sinai, where he worked with archaeologists and Biblical historians, visiting and researching Biblical sites. While that work was meaningful, John describes the most valuable experience of his travels to be the time spent in the Negev desert, visiting with people who understand the experiences of the first century quite differently than we do. “Mary Christmas” is John’s attempt to introduce us to a more realistic understanding of what that first-century experience may have been like. John has presented “Mary Christmas” for many years, and is now bringing it into the virtual environment as the first of several faith-based learning activities.

“Mary Christmas” presents a new look at many of the familiar images and stories around the Christmas event. When asked to describe the experience, John says, “The goal is not to try and pull the rug out from anyone’s faith by taking a new look at what may have actually happened. The goal of the experience is to remind us that the Christmas story is meaningful for all of us; even those who don’t have a rug to pull.”

This SL build of “Mary Christmas” is a prototype for a larger experience planned to begin in 2017 using Unity3D. This larger experience will be expanded to include a similar, experience-based activity on the final week of Jesus’ life, along with several individual experiences based on various Biblical stories. John says, “Some of the stories in the Bible really don’t make much sense to us here today; like Moses hitting a rock and getting water out of it, or a bunch of guys tearing the roof off of a house to lower a sick friend inside. But if we hear those stories through the eyes of the first century, and see them in the land in which they were told, that confusion may be taken away.”

This future, larger experience will include the use of interactive characters who will interact with the learners to guide the journey, to create a even more individualized and meaningful experience.

Along with the “Mary Christmas” tour itself, we will be opening  Resource and Study Center that will provide additional resources and displays to further expand the learning experiences. We hope to have the doors open to the public by Saturday, December 17.

Again, this first live, guided tour will be limited to ten participants and will use SL Voice. If you would like to participate, please send an email to: [hidden email]   We will send an invitation to the first ten requests we receive. If there are more than ten, we will try to make another tour available.

This is a free learning experience, but any donations would be greatly appreciated. The imagiLEARNING island is privately funded by John and his wife, as part of their efforts to use TranceFormational Learning(R) to enhance eLearning.

Thank you.

The ImagiLearning Resource and Study Center (Opening Soon!)

John Jamison, PhD.
[hidden email]


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