New arrival: JVWR Issue "Impact - Educational Cases"! From the Journal for Virtual Worlds Research

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New arrival: JVWR Issue "Impact - Educational Cases"! From the Journal for Virtual Worlds Research

The Journal for Virtual Worlds Research

We are happy to announce the publication of a NEW ISSUE of the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research (JVWR) on Impact.
Volume 12, Number 2 (2019)

Educational Cases

Issue editors:

Michael Thomas, University of Central Lancashire, UK, (Prime)

Tuncer Can, University of Istanbul, Turkey

Michael Vallance, Future University, Japan


In the context of educational research, definitions of “impact” have proliferated alongside critiques of its efficacy and appropriateness, and it is important to consider the applicability of the term, as well as to reflect on how it can be shaped and defined.

In this sense, impact does not merely relate to measuring dissemination activity, e.g., how many people read a book, or visited an exhibition in an art gallery, or followed your latest research findings on social media. Rather, it relates to what measurable influence the research has had on its beneficiaries as a result of activities in such a way that a discernible ‘step-change’ is evident.

In order to address these issues of increasing importance and relevance in virtual and immersive environments, this special edition of The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research brings together four articles to consider these questions in the specific field of education. 

Issue Editors' Corner


Michael Thomas, Tuncer Can, Michael Vallance

Peer-Reviewed Research Papers

Project:Filter - Using Applied Games to Engage Secondary Schoolchildren with Public Policy

Andrew James Reid

Their Memory: Exploring Veterans’ Voices, Virtual Reality, and Collective Memory

Iain Donald, Kenneth Scott-Brown

Could the Virtual Dinosaur See You? Understanding Children’s Perceptions of Presence and Reality Distinction in Virtual Reality Environments

Tony Liao, Nancy A Jennings, Laura Dell, Chris Collins

A Hybrid Model of Experiential Learning within the Social Virtual World of Second Life

K. Brant Knutzen

More from the JVWR

The next issue, Assembled 2019, is due for publication at the end of 2019. Stay tuned!
The call for this issue is closed but submissions for the next Assembled issues are always welcome.

An Assembled issue is a place for various papers, on the topic of the journal, collected during the preceding year. You are invited to upload your research paper at any time to our system (register here), and it will be considered as a candidate for publication in 2020.

Visit to see how to suggest a topic and become an issue editor.

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Enjoy reading!
Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan
The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research
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