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RE: drstudy sent you a private message :) == PHISHING!!!

Jane McKinley
Thank-you for the information. I JUST got on this listserv and it pop as joining an educators group. I said yes and then deleted as soon as I saw what it was. Another lesson learned.
Jane McKinley

>>> "Bray, Michael" <[hidden email]> 07/22/08 3:08 PM >>>
Hi guys. This is precisely the kind of thing that you should NEVER click on at all! Particularly if the email seems dubious and/or says something to the effect of " must click one of these options."

This is something called "phishing". It is generally sent out by very bad people (or very nice "zombies") and is designed to entice you to click on a link and take you to a web site (in this case a 'dating' web site). Usually these web sites will (a) harvest personal/private information and email addresses off of your computer, (b) install unwanted and potentially-damaging software onto your computer -- perhaps to become a "zombie" yourself, or (c) a add you to spam lists, or a combination of all of these and a bunch of other unpleasant things.

It is unfortunate that these types of scams lend themselves to exploiting such valuable listservs such as this one, so please be careful when clicking out there. ;-)

Kind regards,

Mike Bray (SL: Paribus Habilis)
Sr. Systems Training Specialist
IS Training & Communications
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
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no poor thing probably got spammed. happened to me with got it from a colleague and when I opened it, it took my entire address book  and sent out invites even though I never joined it! It had done the same thing to her and before she had a chance to warn everyone, it was too late for me.Taught me a lesson to make sure my address book is up to date though. I still had an ex boyfriend's name in my address book and the last thing I wanted him to receive was a "guess who is looking for you" on the reunion email's subject line! My boss also got an email from reunion.

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I don't know who he/she is. I was sent the message as if it was part of SLED and it took me to a dating site.? Does this happen a lot here?

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