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Brant Knutzen-3
Hello SLEDucators,

Sorry for the slow response, I finally figured out that my Gmail account was letting the regular SLED posts in, but if I posted then Gmail was seeing my name in the responses, and labeling those emails as Spam!    Hopefully I have that behavior squelched now.

Barbara: my virtual ode to the Dickens tale is still available at SLURL:

Also posted on the wall at that location are the names of those who contributed to that build: Desi, Niesa, and Seraphina.

I should also give credit to David Burden of Daden Ltd, who did excellent work developing the HUD for the Biochemistry lab procedures student training.   Highly recommended!

Sarah: since your husband's out of town, I'll meet you at the usual place.  <wink><wink>


Brant Knutzen

Blended Learning Consultant

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