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Granaas, Michael
Is there a general information site for the X-FILES project?

Michael Granaas                                           [hidden email]
Department of Psychology                           SL: VRprofessor Resident
University of South Dakota
414 E. Clark St                                             Phone: 605 677 5351
Vermillion, SD  57069                                 FAX: 605 677 3195
My Personal Pet Project:
Free classrooms for educators exploring Second Life

From: [hidden email] <[hidden email]> on behalf of Kurt Winkelmann <[hidden email]>
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2018 8:46 AM
To: [hidden email]
Subject: [SLED] Invitation to participate in innovative learning environments discussion

Dear Colleagues,

As members of the education technology community you are invited to participate in the NSF-sponsored eXploring the Future of Innovative Learning Environments (X-FILEs) project. Through a series of free webinars, an invitation-only face-to-face workshop, and a white paper, the X-FILEs project will address the following question:

What are the near-term and longer-term impacts, opportunities, challenges, and future research initiatives related to the development and implementation of innovative learning environments (ILEs) in higher education STEM disciplines?

Join us for three X-FILE Webinars<> (via ZOOM, on October 4th, October 18th, and November 1st from 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT to learn more about the X-FILEs project and explore innovative learning environments in STEM higher education. The webinars will bring together subject matter experts, educators, and other stakeholders in all levels of STEM higher education to generate ideas and raise issues that will form the foundation for discussions at the X-FILEs Workshop. Select webinar participants will be invited to attend the X-FILEs Workshop on November 11-13, 2018 in Melbourne, Florida. Following the Workshop, participants will prepare a white paper that reflects the likely impact of existing and emerging technologies and pedagogies on STEM higher education. Specifically, the report will describe the student and teacher experience across broad aspects of the teaching and learning process for STEM education in 2026.

To register for the webinars and complete a brief profile indicating your interest in the project please complete the X-FILEs Registration and Interest Form<> (

Thank you for your interest in the X-FILEs project. We look forward to interacting and learning with you soon!


Jungwoo Ryoo, Ph.D. Professor of Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State University

Kurt Winkelmann, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry, Florida Institute of Technology

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