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Oh, I’m very sorry!


on 23 Aug (Tue)  at 8 am PDT


At the demo area, I use SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) for panels because it is easy for revise in-situ.

So I suggest you to check “Allow Media to auto-play” at Ctrl+P > Sound & Media.

I will change to usual texture from SVG when their sentences become fixed.



Hajime/ Yan


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This workshop sounds very worthwhile. Please provide the date and time. Many thanks.



On Thu, Aug 18, 2016 at 10:49 AM, hajimen <[hidden email]> wrote:

Dear SLED members,

I'm working on Teacher Training Project for focusing benefits of
education using, reducing technical difficulties and sharing educational
resources, tools, lesson plans and experiences.

I'm developing the demo area at the Science Circle.

We had 1st Workshop on on 23 June by Greg Prumier. The chat log and
Presentation sheets is here;

And we'll have 2nd workshop by Kevin Oh and Natalie Nussli as follows

- Title: Designing Teacher Training for the Use of Virtual Worlds in
K-12 Education

- Presenter:
  Kevin Oh, University of San Francisco,
  Natalie Nussli, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern

- Location: Demo Area or Lecture Hall at The Science Circle

- Summary:
In our presentation, we will talk about the teacher training workshops
that we have offered in the past four years. Our goal is to enable
teachers to make informed decisions about the usefulness and classroom
applicability of virtual worlds with a view to their own (future)
  Based on the participating teachers (both general and special education
pre- and in-service teachers), we have developed recommendations for the
design of virtual worlds teacher training.
  We will talk about the challenges that the participating teachers have
identified during their in-world experiences and fieldtrips to various
educational regions in Second Life.

Please join us!

Yan Lauria, Curator of Abyss Observatory, The Modern Museum and The
Education Portal
Hajime Nishimura, JAMSTEC
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