Renaissance Island's 10th Anniversary

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Renaissance Island's 10th Anniversary

Amza Hydraconis

A special milestone will be met next month in Renaissance Island.  As you know, there are very few regions, other than the mainland continents, that get to this point and even beyond.  In recognition of this milestone, I am planning a sim wide exhibit of pictures, notecards and anything else that is relevant of Renaissance Island's history over the years. 

If anyone in the educational and library community who have been involved in Renaissance Island's beginnings or after, if you have any pictures, notecards, etc., would you please send them to me, Amza Hydraconis, in a folder labeled Renaissance Island 10th Anniversary.

The exhibit will open February 1, 2017.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
Amza Hydraconis
Alderman/Estate Manager
Renaissance Island

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