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SLED Virtual Pioneers' Next Tour

Sorry, but it is not secure to talk here!
My bf can read what you send!
Please contact me via my profile page on site that I sent to you!

Kisses, Mary!

On Sun, Nov 10, 2019, at 5:33 PM, Sleducators\(thesledlist\) wrote:

>November 17th, 5:00 pm SLT  - Res Publica Roma (RPR)
>Please join the Virtual Pioneers and Queen Ellen for this text-based tour, which will guide us around the heart of Ancient Rome. We will arrive by the Egyptian Embassy in Rome. Along the walk we will visit gardens, shrines, splendid fountains & many statues.
>Visitors are encouraged to wear ancient outfits, as it will help put you into the mood of this period, the time of Queen Kleopatra and Julius Caesar.  Ancient Greek, Egyptian, Roman, Cel
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