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SLEDccWorking Group Needs Your Input!

Hey All- There are several "SLEDcc Working Group" sessions on the schedule to take advantage of having everyone in one place, with the goal being the creation of some tangible resources for the larger SLED community following the conference.

One of the working groups is titled "Developing Template Language About SL for Syllabi & Parent Notices."   I have volunteered (along with Brenda Boyd who works on the Main Grid for both Miami University (Oxford, OH) to serve as the facilitators for this session.  We have this scheduled in Tampa on Friday, 9/5, at 11AM as the last session before lunch.

SO, here's my" little leg work" before the conference to develop perhaps some provocative/leading questions, discussion parameters, perhaps some samples etc. and then during the session, participants would break into round-tables. I've created a wiki to gather/collaborate--  

Then, following the conference, the results will be fashioned into a workable recommendation document that we will formally publish as SLEDcc recommendations and/or publish in the conference proceedings.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions about how to make this most productive for everyone, we're all ears! Looking forward to the work! 
Best, Peggy Sheehy

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