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Sasha Barab, Learning Scientist - ELDc19 Keynote Speaker

Emerging Learning Design is excited to announce that internationally recognized learning scientist Sasha Barab will be the Keynote Speaker for the 9th Annual Emerging Learning Design Conference, May 30th and 31st at Montclair State University in New Jersey.  

Dr. Barab will be giving a talk on "Cultivating Connected Growth and Life Change: From Immersive Worlds to Empowered Ecosystems."

If you have not already submitted, Emerging Learning Design invites you to submit a proposal for ELDc19: Generation Emerging.  The call for proposals closes 1/22.

Registration will open in February so you will be able to secure your spot at the conference soon!

Through Dr. Barab’s work, you’ll reconsider the role of digital games and innovation for helping people thrive in life. Join us as we discuss with Dr. Barab the design boundaries from the bits and bytes of the game world to complex real-world ecosystems with the goal of helping all learners thrive in a complex, rapidly changing, digitally connected world.

The ELDc19 Program Committee seeks proposals for interactive presentations, workshops, and Sparks! sessions.  Proposed sessions will be targeted to Designers, Educators, Researchers, and Technologists.

ELDc19 seeks to grapple with the issues facing the emerging generation and their educational journey. With a society in flux, educating students for an unknown future presents exciting challenges. Self-driving cars, self-replicating AI, and transhumanism will all be common rather than merely on the pages of a science fiction novel in the not so distant future. This future will augment the potential for learner experience design. ELD invites you to engage with and reflect upon how we can best educate the generation emerging and leverage their forward thinking ideals to propel society forward.

The submission deadline is January 22, 2018, at 11:59 pm ET. Learn more and submit your proposal today!

The ELD Annual Conference is a space designed to showcase innovation as well as to engage in a vibrant and dynamic discourse. With passion for social responsibility, dedication to diversity, and ambition for engagement, this is a generation emerging.

Veronica Armour, Conference Chair
Jeff Bergin, Conference Chair
Teresa Slobuski, Program Chair
Bryan Alexander, Program Chair

Sasha Barab has researched, designed, and published extensively on the challenges and opportunities of using innovation for impact, with a particular focus on the power of games. He is a professor in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, where he also serves as the Executive Director of the Center for Games and Impact. His research has resulted in numerous grants, over 100 published manuscripts, and multiple game-based innovations that have been engaged by over 200,000 players to support learning and transformation.

His current work extends the design boundaries from the bits and bytes of the game world to complex real-world ecosystems with the goal of helping all learners thrive in a complex, rapidly changing, digitally connected world. One recent project, My Lifelabs, is based on an invite, enable, and release learning methodology and focused on cultivating growth and impact journeys so that more people can realize their potential. Across all work is a sensitivity to factors such as ecosystem integration, stakeholder alignment, enacted agency, and achieving sustainable and scalable outcomes.

AJ Kelton, PhD
Director, Center for the Digital Humanities
College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Montclair State University

Schmitt Hall 135
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