Teacher Training Tutorial Project for Education in VW

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Teacher Training Tutorial Project for Education in VW

Dear SLED members,

I'm working on Teacher Training Tutorial Project for Education in VW
with Natalie Nussli, Kevin Oh, Greg Perrier, etc. supported by the
Science Circle.

Project definition:

We'll have 1st open seminar as follows.

Date: 23 June (Tue) at 8 am PDT

Location: Auditorium at The Science Circle

Title: Thoughts on an Educator Specific Orientation in SL

Presenter: Greg Perrier (avatar Greg Prumier), Associate Professor of
Biology at the Northern Virginia Community College.

Abstract: There is need for an orientation specific for people who wish
to conduct educational activities in Second Life (SL). One of the main
obstacles to educators becoming active in SL is the steep learning curve
needed to feel proficient enough to work with students in world. Making
this process easier is one way to increase educator participation in SL
In addition, through both experience and studies we have greatly
improved our understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of education
in a virtual world environment. These lessons need to be gathered and
shared so mistakes are not repeated and successes can be further

Medium: Presentation in Voice, supplemented by text chat. Discussion in
text chat.


Hajime Nishimura, JAMSTEC
Yan Lauria, curator of Abyss Observatory, the Modern Museum, the
Education Portal

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