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Update of Educational Places in SL


Hi SLED members,


I updated both “Teleport Hub System” and “The Education Portal”.


1.     Teleport Hub System (not HUD) for educational places and resources in SL

This is only one prim teleporter including 220 regions of 19 categories which you can get at


in free and rez own campus.


You can see data on Google Spreadsheet and comment;


Welcome your recommendation.


How to use the Hub (Thinkerer's tutorial);



My update is reflected the Hub in your parcel remotely in 3 days.


2.     The Education Portal at “The Science Circle”

The Hub need to read the tutorial to use. So I made visible portal to MAJOR educational places.



Every time of update, I found several places were closed, but I can also find new places.  Of course, we lost many contents (see gray cells of google spreadsheet) made in big projects in boom of SL. But really valuable contents are survive at somewhere.



Yan Lauria, Curator of Abyss Observatory, The Education Portal and The Art History Museums in SL and JOGrid

Hajime Nishimura, JAMSTEC in RL

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