Urgent, can anyone help with a Linden contact (Sheila Yoshikawa here)

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Urgent, can anyone help with a Linden contact (Sheila Yoshikawa here)

Sheila Webber

In SL I'm Sheila Yoshikawa, and I am desparate to contact the billing
department of Linden Lab. For nearly 3 weeks I have been trying to get
them to bill for our educational island, Infolit iSchool, early (a
university end-of-year thing) and it is now only a couple of days off
it being too late (because the year end  actually arrives). Below are
the avenues I have tried and which have failed.

If any of you have a direct line to a Linden who might be able to get
things done, I would be so grateful. At the moment what I need is a
password to our account that works and an email or any other means of
actually interacting with someone in the billing dept that works (see
below). Thank you!

What I have done
- I tried the number (for those outside N. America) many times. It
rang and rang off, every time.
- I emailed the person who dealt with us last year. I never got a response.
- I filed a ticket on 29 June. I was then away for nearly a week
- I tried ringing the billing number again via skype and via a land
line (the number given on the SL support site, and it is also on the
Linden Labs site - on one of them it claims the page was checked only
a few days before I first rang). It gave number unobtainable, every
- I contacted via live chat to find out what had happened to the
ticket and whether I could be given some sort of telephone number or
email. Apparently I couldn't, I was told to wait.
- I attached a reply to a tweet of Ebbe Altberg with the story.
- Whether or not this is coincidence, about 12 hours later I got an
email and a reply to the ticket. This was late last Thursday. The
email claimed to be giving me a password to the billing account and an
email to deal with my case (in fact it is unclear why they needed to
give me a new password, since we already had a password to the online
account, if they hadn't done that the bill might be paid by now)
- The email address does not work: I tried it from this email account
and from a yahoo email account. Each time it bounces back undelivered
and says something weird about not being in the google group
- The password for the account does not work. You can't pay the
invoices without getting into the account. The password has a space in
the middle, which I think can't be correct - I tried it as sent and
then all the obvious variations, but no luck
- I tried the "I forgot my password" option - but of course it didn't
email me an option to change the password. It says to contact your
administrator if you don't get a reset email, but I cannot do that
(see above)
- On 13 July I sent a message on my ticket to report the above, repeat
how urgent it is and also the stress this is causing me. I have had no

When this is over, one way or the other, I will send a remonstrating
letter (hey, perhaps their physical address is correct - though at
this stage it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't have a letterbox and
the postman had to throw all the mail in the bin) but in the very
short term I would just be grateful if anyone can help me get their
attention so I get a password and an email that both work so I can
sort this out and get the invoice paid.

Some of you reading this will know me, and know that we have had an
island since 2007, that I have been working on educational things in
SL since 2007 and I also have my own mainland: so I would have thought
I would be an exemplar of "loyal customer". It's also not like I'm
trying to get a deal or negotiate, we just want to pay them money.
Sigh. I am now in fact "on holiday" so it's going to be extra work
liaising people back in my university office to guide them through the
payment process.


Sheila Webber, Senior Lecturer & Director of the Centre for Information
Literacy Research, Information School, The University of Sheffield, 211
Portobello Street, Sheffield, S1 4DP. UK
[hidden email]
Phone: +44 114 222 2641
Second Life & Twitter: Sheila Yoshikawa
The Information Literacy Weblog http://information-literacy.blogspot.com/

*I don't expect you to respond to my email outside your working hours. *
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