VSTE Meeting May 19 An Experiment in ESP

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VSTE Meeting May 19 An Experiment in ESP


VSTE Meeting Visiting Esteban Voljeti and his ESP Lab

This Monday, May 19, at 5 PM SLT (8 PM EDT) we will participate in Telepathy Experiments in SL with Esteban Voljeti using the Scientific Method. You can participate or observe, as you prefer. Esteban Voljeti has been conducting similar experiments in his lab for some time.

We will meet at the center of VSTE Island http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/VSTE%20Island/123/137/24, prepare our avatars with a required outfit and HUD (heads up display) from Esteban and remove AOs (animation overrides, jewlery and shoes) before heading to his lab.

Esteban asks that you have with you in real life, if possible a compass (hand held device with compass app is fine), a white candle, a fruit, and a candy. We will face south in real life and in SL as the experiment is conducted.

Sounds like fun, right! We would love to know if you are coming. Please join the VSTE in Second Life Community in Google+ and indicate that you will join us, or send an IM to Thunder Insippo in SL to let me know. We are limited to 20 participants but I believe we can have many observers. See you Monday!

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