VSTE goes hunting for holiday freebies

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VSTE goes hunting for holiday freebies


Second Life Event on VSTE Island

November 27
December Freebie Hunts

During the month of December many SL vendors get into the holiday spirit and give fun things away! Sometimes it's one a day all month, sort of an Advent thing. Sometimes you have to search for the freebie.

Beth Ghostraven is the Queen of quality free finds and freebie hunts. Come with the VSTE crowd at 5 pm SLT 11.27.17 (8 PM eastern time) as Beth shows us the ropes and helps us find cool free stuff! We are bound to have a blast and come away sporting something new!

To get a free Second Life account, go to http://secondlife.com and sign up. You can pick out an avatar to start with, then change it later if you'd like. Your username is permanent, so choose carefully. Your display name can be changed once a week.


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