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VW Teacher Training Tower

Dear SLED members,

I'm working on Orientation Tower of Virtual World Teacher Training Project
at The Science Circle with Natalie Nussli, Kevin Oh, Gregory Perrier and
other people.

Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/./The%20Science%20Circ./187/75/55
Snapshot: http://jogrid.net/abyss/TeacherTrainingTower_001.png

 I rearranged ideas of Natalie, Kevin and Greg into 6 level of the tower;

 Level 1: VW Benefits vs Weakness and Countermeasures
 Level 2: Demonstration and sample educational builds
 Level 3: Technical Tutorials
 Level 4: Lesson Plan
 Level 5: Educator's Tools
 Level 6: VW education communities

 These are far from completion. So please visit and help us!
 I'm scheduling 3rd workshop of VW Teacher Training Project, my tour guide
of the tower, on latter half of Nov now.

Yan Lauria, Curator of Abyss Observatory and the Modern Museum in SL and
Hajime Nishimura, Japan Agency for Earth-Marin Science and Technology

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