VWMOOC 2018 Hope to see you there! Tonight and all month long

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VWMOOC 2018 Hope to see you there! Tonight and all month long

Valerie Hill-2
Just a reminder about tonight's Literary Study at the Virtual World MOOC 2018.  You can read the short story online.
Join CVL and VSTE for a literary study group to experience global immersive learning through literature discussion. Featuring the Sci-Fi (time travel) story THE LOVE LETTER by Jack Finney. 
WHEN: Thurs Aug 9th 5pm SLT

WHERE:  VSTE Island 

Jack Finney's short story "The Love Letter", which was first published in The Saturday Evening Post on Aug
ust 1, 1959, and reprinted in the same magazine in January/February 1988 issue. The story has since appeared in several books.
Access the story here:

Here is a link to all the MOOC presentations. 

This link shows sessions sponsored by the Community Virtual Library.  https://communityvirtuallibrary.wordpress.com/2018/08/02/cvl-participates-in-virtual-worlds-mooc/

See you at the MOOC!
Warm regards,

Dr. Valerie Hill
Director Community Virtual Library

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