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Writers and Authors and Self-Publishes, Oh My!

John Jamison-3
Hi Everyone,

Do we have any writers/authors, frustrated or wanna-be writers/authors in the group?

After having several books and pieces published "traditionally", I have just self-published my first full novel called Disruption. The story is a suspense-thriller centered around a towboat on the Mississippi River. As I found more and more people unaware of just what a "towboat" is, I've begun building one in SL...and plan to use it for some in-world activities to expand on the book.

I would love to hear from others in the group who write, want to write, have published or hope to publish, and perhaps get together in-world for some good conversation.

Please let me know by email if you might be interested. Your are also welcome to stop-by the island sometime and explore the work being done on the towboat.


Look for the TP board to get you to Canal Park...or feel free to explore.

Thanks for your time,


John Jamison, PhD.
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