resending Production and Sandbox nodes on the Education Grid & upcoming "Own The Node!" in-world event

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resending Production and Sandbox nodes on the Education Grid & upcoming "Own The Node!" in-world event

Barbara Mikolajczak
Sorry for the repeat. The first one came through a "scrubbed" HTML page so I've copy/pasted for everyone here instead. This conversation was happening on the Immersive Education groups earlier today and mentions Second Life nodes that everyone here might want to see. Barbara
From: "Aaron E. Walsh"
Subject: Production and Sandbox nodes on the Education Grid & upcoming "Own The Node!" in-world event
Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2008 17:03:39 -0400
To: iED Wonderland Users, Immersive Education Technology Group

Hi everyone. Before the weekend sets in I wanted to followup on Barbara's post
on the Wonderland Users Community Group (CG) yesterday, which was in reply to
Monica's original post (both below). As Barbara notes below we will be making
several Wonderland "sandbox" nodes available for everyone to experiment with
later this month when we launch our Wonderland Builders CG, Wonderland
Developers CG, and Wonderland Administrators CG. In addition to production and
sandbox nodes for Second Life are coming as well, followed by other types of
Education Grid nodes (starting with content delivery nodes).

Whereas the worlds and content on production nodes can only be changed
(modified, updated, deleted, etc) by the node host (owner), "sandboxes" are open
and can be thought of as virtual world scratch-pads that everyone in our group
can play with.

Chris Perkins manages the process of placing our production nodes, and sandbox
nodes, on the Education Grid ( If you'd like for
your school to be on the Education Grid (as production, sandbox or content
delivery nodes, or all three at once) please drop a note to Chris at

   chris.perkins AT

to coordinate the inclusion of your server(s) on the grid. To become a node on
the grid you simply need a server with a public IP address.

If you don't have a server and need one, or more, don't miss our upcoming "Own
The Node!" in-world event scheduled for early September. During our "Own The
Node!" event we'll give everyone details on how to obtain Immersive Education
Initiative certified server(s) at a significant discounted (between 30% and 50%
discounts on Sun servers, for example). We'll also install the necessary
software on your server if you need help, and show your administrators how as
well. In cases where you can't (or don't want to) host your own node we'll
provide at-cost (no profit added -- pure cost only) hosting for you to get your
school off the ground with your own virtual world server.

I hope this comes as welcome news.

Have a nice weekend. I'll "see" you all in-world or online next week,

Barbara Mikolajczak wrote:
> Hi Monica and everyone, although Aaron or Chris can comment in more detail, and also on the exact timing, I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that several Wonderland sandbox nodes are being put on the Education Grid so that there are a variety of public building areas ("sandboxes") that we can all experiment with. In terms of the timing I know the first sandbox nodes are planned in connection with the August launch of the Immersive Education Initiative's "Wonderland Builders Community Group (CG)" and "Wonderland Developers Community Group (CG)" and there might also be sandboxes specifically for administrators (which would be available through the "Wonderland Administrators Community Group (CG)"). If you're currently hosting a Wonderland node on the Education Grid (or want to!) and would also like to provide a public sandbox I'd say that Chris Perkins and Aaron Walsh are the ones to talk about linking them in since they are managing the sandbox rollout. Can't wait
!! Barbara

> | On Wed, 30 Jul 2008 20:14:23 +0000 (GMT)
> | monica wrote:
> | Hi all,
> |
> | I'm usually a lurker, but have to chime in as a voice of aggreement- we need a sandbox! Most of us probably don't have the time to ferret through the myriad of techologies required to get a server instance up and running, but would still like to have access to enabling a build space for our interested ed team mates to explore. What are the possibilities?
> |
> | ..and please count me in for any necessary assistance to document a "how to" for a public sandbox, if we get that far. :)
> |
> | Monica
> |
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