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Dickens Project all month long! Tour this SUN 12/8 0 replies SLED
Discord Workshop in SL tomorrow SUN 10/20 NOON for ACRL 0 replies SLED
Hypergrid Resource Library opens SUN 7/21 at noon 0 replies SLED
ACRL Virtual World Interest Group MAY 19 noon BRAIN HEALTH 0 replies SLED
Digital Citizenship Museum in Kitely TOUR Fri 4/19 10am PacTime 0 replies SLED
Listen to tonight's story online- Discuss around the campfire in SL 0 replies SLED
SUN noon SLT 2/17 Program- Archival & Digital Legacy 0 replies SLED
Sun Feb 17th Archival & Digital Legacy Session NOON SLT 0 replies SLED
Virtual Sci-Fi Discussion tonight DEC 13 5pm SLT 0 replies SLED
Tour Abyss Observatory in SL Sun 11/18 noon with CVL 0 replies SLED
CVL presents Virtual Cybersecurity Exercises in Second Life 10/21 noon 0 replies SLED
Noon today SUN Oct 14th Digital Citizenship Drum Exhibit at CVL 0 replies SLED
VWMOOC 2018 Hope to see you there! Tonight and all month long 0 replies SLED
Virtual World Library & Education Networking Forum SUN 8/5 at noon PT 0 replies SLED
Tour the Community Virtual Library's SL15B celebration space next week 0 replies SLED
Sun June 10 noon PT ACRL session on Web-based virtual world 0 replies SLED
Digital Citizenship Museum opens in Kitely FRI 3/23 NOON SLT 0 replies SLED
Cybersecurity Presentation in SL SUN 2/18 noon with Erik Moore 0 replies SLED
ACRL presents Cybersecurity Session SUN Feb 18 noon PacTime 0 replies SLED
January 2018 ACRL Virtual World Interest Group meeting 0 replies SLED