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Future of Libraries in Virtual Worlds Jan 15th noon SLT 1 reply SLED
Arts & Music Improv Workshop at the Community Virtual Library NOV 2 0 replies SLED
CVL tours Metaverse Libraries in Kitely- all are welcome 0 replies SLED
Future of the Metaverse: ACRL Session SUN Sept 18th noon SLT 0 replies SLED
Art in Virtual Worlds Exhibit opens Sept 12 5pm 0 replies SLED
Prim Poetry Contest at Community Virtual Library 0 replies SLED
Call for Artists Fall 2016 Exhibit at CVL 0 replies SLED
Summer Book Discussion July 12th CVL 0 replies SLED
Virtual World Library Exhibit opens tomorrow June 16th 5-7pm 0 replies SLED
Invitation to CVL Summer Exhibit June 16 & 20 0 replies SLED
CALL for CVL Summer Exhibit Virtual Libraries 0 replies SLED
Press Release MAR 14 Medieval Quest & VWBPE 2016 0 replies SLED
Medieval Quest Project invitation 1/18 6pm Tonight 0 replies SLED
Medieval Quest Role-Play Form for Participation Times 0 replies SLED
Dickens Project at Community Virtual Library Dec 12-20 0 replies SLED
Re: Greetings from Spain (new member) 0 replies SLED
Dickens Project starts 12/12 in SL Press Release 0 replies SLED
Info Quest web-based virtual world opens Aug 30th noon SLT 1 reply SLED
Opportunity for machinima extras- Emergency MGMT roleplay MON, TH, FRI, SUN 0 replies SLED
CVL Talent Show open to participants June 22 0 replies SLED