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Recommendation for contractor needed - Animal avatars - custom work 6 replies SLED
Complete island available for transfer fee - urgent closure due to family emergency 0 replies SLED
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Closing down of the island Terra Incognita 2 replies SLED
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Re: Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds 4 Call for Abstracts 0 replies SLED
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Re: Pre-Order Patterns, Linden Lab’s Newest Product! 3 replies SLED
Re: Can your rig handle SL on Steam? Can your students? 4 replies SLED
Re: Classroom Furnishings 0 replies SLED
Gesture Interface - Leap Motion 1 reply SLED
Re: Simulations 1 reply SLED
Re: Recommendations for higher ed sites to visit -- and a question 7 replies SLED
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