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VWER discussion 19 Jan - Fake news! 0 replies SLED
VWER discussion today - new year resolutions! 0 replies SLED
VWER 17 Nov: Writing in Virtual Worlds 0 replies SLED
Increase in prims (land impact) for mainland SL and islands 0 replies SLED
VWER - change of time, change of place! 8pm this Thursday on VSTE 0 replies SLED
VWER 18 August: Storytelling and Virtual Worlds 0 replies SLED
Innovative teaching with citation exercises and more! Presentations in SL on July 12 0 replies SLED
VWER discussion, 23 June: Learning with Google tools 0 replies SLED
2 conference reports: Weds June 15 at 12 noon SLT 0 replies SLED
VWER meeting: 26 May: What skills are disappearing in the next generation of learners? 0 replies SLED
VWER meeting 12 May 11.30 SLT: Meeting and working with people from other cultures and nationalities 0 replies SLED
Today's VWER: Desert Island Second Life: 11.30am SLT 0 replies SLED
Correction re non-US times of the VWER discussion on 17 March 0 replies SLED
VWER - 17 March "How as it for you? Reflecting on VWBPE" - discussion in text chat 11.30am SLT 0 replies SLED
VWER 25 Feb 11.30 SLT: Manifesto for teaching online 2016 0 replies SLED
VWER meeting 14 January: evaluating, motivating and rewarding teachers 0 replies SLED
Tour of Infolit iSchool, today 3rd December at 12.30 SLT 0 replies SLED
Re: Greetings from Spain (new member) 0 replies SLED
1pm SLT Tuesday 27 Oct: report from the European conference on Infolit 0 replies SLED
Information Literacy Journal Club: 13 October 12 noon SL time 0 replies SLED
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