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This Student's Testimonial Rocks 0 replies SLED
Announcing: An SLEDucation Day July 22, 2017 - Educational Benefit Gala 0 replies SLED
My New Poem is a Telepathic Educational Message! Guess Who! 0 replies SLED
Free Class: CITIZEN DIPLOMACY IN SECOND LIFE 2pm SLT Weds Aug 19th 0 replies SLED
Publish or Perish! & Jane's Wisdom! 0 replies SLED
What is the Value of a Girl in Society? 0 replies SLED
Re: You Need To See This! Gender Rights! 0 replies SLED
You Need To See This! Gender Rights! 2 replies SLED
SolutionFest - Author Reading: Twilight of the Star Vampires - Book I is FREE TODAY ONLY 0 replies SLED
Re: Penitentiary applications in SL? 1 reply SLED
Dec 10 Human Rights Day and Free Book Talk 0 replies SLED
SolutionFest: Author Reading: Twilight of the Star Vampires - Book I is Free Now to Thurs 0 replies SLED
The FINAL Artificial Intelligence Class in Second Life - Tuesday 3pm SLT - Yes the LAST class! 0 replies SLED
Book Talk: Novelist JL Morin: Trading Dreams 9am SLT Sunday (6JAN) - Free Kindle Book Until Sunday 0 replies SLED
Pathfinding Character Animations 3pm SLT Tuesday for AI Certification 0 replies SLED
Artificial Intelligence, PATHFINDING, & Chatbots 3pm SLT TUES 0 replies SLED
3pm SLT Pathfinding AI Character Animations 0 replies SLED
Re: SL: help in defense of it not being a "game" 1 reply SLED
Second Sara's INTRO TO AI & Pathfinding Robotics! Fun! 3pm SLT Tuesday Free! 23 replies SLED
Re: Films 0 replies SLED